Actor and YouTuber Barkha Singh, who played the role of a young Tina, played by Kareena Kapoor in ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’, says that she had to give 5 rounds of audition before finally getting the role. She also said that she was picked among 600 to 700 children.

“I do remember giving the audition for that role and it was a tough process. There were about 600-700 kids who auditioned for the role of young Tina, and I went there pretty chill after school, just in an attempt to make my mother buy me ice cream on the way. It just happened that I got it but I did give five rounds of auditions for that,” she told SpotboyE.

She also added that she is thankful that people didn’t stereotype her after the film as the character of Tina became evergreen.

“People sometimes still do remember it and especially one phrase, where we go like, “Tina… Pooja”. That kind of got stuck with the people, but thankfully now people recognize me for my more recent work,” she added.

Barkha hasn’t appeared in numerous projects as a child artist. But she did find her way back into acting when she grew up. “I started from the ground level up so I didn’t have to face those challenges,” she said.