As the highly anticipated Barbenheimer release day is here, fans and critics alike are eager to see the first reviews for both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” The reviews will play a crucial role in shaping the expectations and anticipation for the movies, adding to the buzz surrounding their upcoming debut at the box office.

“Barbie” was the first to have its review embargo lifted, with reviews becoming available at midnight, UK time, on July 19. Shortly after, “Oppenheimer” followed suit, with its review embargo being lifted at 5 pm, UK time, on the same day. This allowed critics and audiences to access and share their thoughts on both films, generating further discussions and anticipation leading up to their release.

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Which movie has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far?

Barbie Review

With an impressive 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 184 reviews, Barbie has been certified fresh, indicating a strong positive reception from critics. Such a high score is likely to boost the film’s appeal and encourage more audiences to watch it during its release.

“Life in plastic is fantastic indeed: Barbie is a sharp, hilarious and joy-contagious satire of gender roles where the famous Mattel doll,” a Digital Spy review mentioned.

The reviews from Mashable and The Times certainly add intriguing perspectives on “Barbie.” According to Mashable, the film offers more depth than one might initially anticipate from a typical summer movie, hinting at a more profound and meaningful storytelling approach. On the other hand, The Times described “Barbie” as a “gorgeous and fascinating mishmash,” suggesting that it presents a captivating blend of various elements that capture the audience’s attention and interest.

Oppenheimer Review

With an impressive 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 165 reviews, Oppenheimer has also earned the Certified Fresh status. This high score indicates that “Oppenheimer” has been very well-received by critics, with a vast majority praising its quality and storytelling. With both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” receiving critical acclaim, the Barbenheimer double feature is shaping up to be an exciting and successful cinematic event, promising a remarkable moviegoing experience for audiences.

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“It’s an absorbing and spectacular watch first and foremost, but also one that provokes you to think about the big, weighty topics that arose from Oppenheimer changing the world,” Digital Spy review stated.

The reviews for “Oppenheimer” are truly remarkable and offer a glimpse into the film’s powerful impact on its audience. The Telegraph’s comparison of the movie to “witnessing history itself being split” indicates the film’s ability to authentically transport viewers to significant historical events and make them feel deeply immersed in the story.

Meanwhile, Deadline’s declaration of “the most important motion picture of 2023” showcases the film’s significance and potential to leave a lasting impact on audiences and the cinematic landscape.

IGN’s description of “big, bold, and surprisingly intimate” hints at the film’s grand scope while also emphasizing its ability to establish personal connections with its characters and themes.