Pratik Sehajpal was the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss season 15.

The 28-year-old was given an option by Bollywood director and host of Bigg Boss OTT to either be a finalist of the show or to participate in the Bigg Boss 15 as a participant. Sehajpal had chosen the latter.

The actor had gained a large fan base for his performance on reality shows like Ace of Space and Bigg Boss OTT.

Throughout the current season, Pratik has expressed his opinions openly with full conviction to his co-contestants. He has always been fearless in saying what needs to be said and in doing what needs to be done. He never interfered in the fights of his friends and unfailingly supported them if there was a need. He debated with many and even got involved in physical fights. During a task in Bigg Boss OTT, his fight with Zeeshan Khan became so heated that Khan was forced to leave the show after pushing Pratik.

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Sehajpal was not a grudge bearer. He tried to make amends even if he got in a dispute with someone. As strong-headed as he appears to be, he has also shown his emotional side during the show. 

Sehajpal often resorted to breaking things to express his anger when he lost some tasks. However, as the show progressed we were able to witness the clouded kind hearted nature and his emotional side. Fans adored his friendship with Nishant Bhatt.

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Sehajpal’s enthusiasm in all the activities right from the season’s start is proof of how much he wanted to be on the show. He is one of the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss. The young man has made it clear that he wants to win the show and has been rigorously working for it. Fans are eagerly waiting for the season’s finale, which is all set to air on 29th and 30th January at 8PM on Colors TV.