Actress Shamita Shetty has been making headlines since the launch of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Shamita is considered one of the strongest contenders of this season. Shamita had earlier participated in ‘Bigg Boss 3’.

In one of the early episodes of Bigg Boss OTT, Shamita Shetty had accused Nishant Bhat of crossing the line with her. She told Divya Agarwal that Nishant had made her feel uncomfortable while they were working together on a different show.

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Shamita and Akshara got into a heated argument when the former asked the housemates not to consume gluten-free products. Akshara was not pleased to hear about Shamita’s dietary restrictions. She mocked Shamita’s food choices and told her to keep her posh behaviour to herself.

Shamita and evicted contestant Zeeshan Khan had recreated one of the famous scenes from her sister Shilpa Shetty’s film ‘Dhadkan’. Shamita essayed the role of Anjali, and while Zeeshan played Dev.

After a fight with Shamita, Akshara age-shamed the latter. She said that Shamita is as old as her mother and addressed her as ‘Mausi’.

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Shamita and her bond with her former connection Raqesh Bapat has been loved by the audience. Even the housemates acknowledged their relationship. Divya Agarwal pulled Raqesh’s leg and asked him to marry Shamita.

Shamita accused the housemates of causing a class divide on the show. She said that she was being discriminated against in the house as she belonged to a certain family.

In another fight with Akshara, Shamita’s mentality was questioned by the former. Akshara had commented on Neha Bhasin’s style of sitting that caused Shamita to react strongly.

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Akshara told Shamita that she was taking her statement in the wrong way. She claimed that it is due to Shamita’s mentality that she felt her remark was impolite.

Shamita encouraged her former connection Raqesh to get out of his comfort zone and encouraged him to play his game. She said, “Man it is a competition, darling and you have to get out of your comfort zone.”

In one of the recent episodes, Shamita was labelled as haughty and dominating by Nishant. He accused her of controlling Raqesh. The two had a huge argument over Nishant’s comment.

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Shamita got teary-eyed while talking about her ex-boyfriend who died in a car accident. She told Neha that it took her a lot of time to get herself together.

Ever since the first weekend, Divya Agarwal and Shamita had been at loggerheads.  They tried to mend their relationship with the show nearing its end. Shamita said, “You tagged me as bossy seeing my concern towards you. I was of course hurt.”

During the weekend’s episode, Divya’s boyfriend Varun had entered the show.  He asked Shamita to stop mentioning him in the OTT house as he was not part of the show. Varun also praised Shamita for her amazing performance.

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In the family special episode, Shamita’s mother Sunanda Shetty visited the Bigg Boss OTT house to meet and encourage her daughter.

Addressing the comments that labelled Shamita as bossy, her mother said, “Bossy from which angle, you have not come with golden horns on your head. You came in as a simple girl just as other participants. People are intimidated and you are a normal simple girl in the house.”

Shamita Shetty entered the finale week as one of the top five contestants.