Black Adam, the latest movie by DC starring Dwayne Johnson has just hit the screens. The film is a loud, action-packed venture and introduces us to a number of DC characters who were not there in the earlier films. However, all these are nothing compared to the final reveal in the mid-credits scene.

SPOILER ALERT: You have been warned. Read on at your discretion.

It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that Black Adam is one of the most powerful DCEU characters we have seen in the films yet. With his powers, the Egyptian anti-hero can make light work of heroes like the Flash or even Wonder Woman. In the film, he is nearly unchallenged by any of the Justice Society of America (JSA) superheroes, or even the main antagonist, Sabbac.

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In order to keep the excitement regarding the character’s future ongoing, DC had to introduce the one man who can match the powers Black Adam possesses. But more on that later.

Unlike most other superheroes, Black Adam is someone who kills mercilessly. He does not hesitate to electrocute the villain’s minions to death or drop them from the sky. If left unchecked, he is someone who could soon become what he had set out to punish all those years ago- an evil dictator with unlimited powers.

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And this is the exact reason that in the mid-credits scene, when Black Adam tells Amanda Walker that there is no being on Earth who can stop him, she quickly retorts that she will not hesitate to delegate the job to someone who is not from Earth at all. And right on cue, in steps the Man of Steel, the cultural embodiment of what a superhero is, Superman himself. And yes, Henry Cavill does return as Kal-el.

Dwayne Johnson has been constantly talking about Superman during the film’s press run, and the mid-credits scene does not disappoint. Now it is no longer a matter of if, but when, the two powerhouses will face off. This will finally be a challenge that Black Adam will not be able to shake off that easily.