Ebanie Bridges, the Australian professional boxer lifted her shirt during an interview following the launch of her OnlyFans page. 

The 36-year-old boxer launched an OnlyFans profile and went about using her fight promotion to draw attention to it. 

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During an interview with Boxing King Media, she was asked to explain her weigh-in outfit. To which she initially said, “What do you mean, what’s my weigh-in outfit?” Recalling the question, the interviewer said, “Well, what is it?”

After this, Bridges lifted her top, consequently flashing her chest on the camera. “What do you mean? It’s like lace, it has my (pointing to her OnlyFans handle) to subscribe now. It’s sexy, isn’t it? It’s a more pretty stripper, not so much skanky stripper, you know what I mean?” she replied to the interviewer with the question.

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“I’ve joined OnlyFans, my page, my profile is live. You can subscribe now. I’m pretty excited about it,” she said promoting her page. 

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“I’ll be showing everyone my exclusive content, and all the stuff I can’t share on Instagram because I got banned on everything,” she added. 

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The interviewer questioned her on her reason to make the decision before her boxing career concluded. “Before I wasn’t doing it because obviously, I was a teacher,” she replied.

The female boxer said that she couldn’t do this being a teacher and also clarified that there is no chance of her going back to teaching. Her career is boxing and, she has a lot more to do beyond teaching to make money after boxing. 

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Bridges is backed by OnlyFans and they have partnered, “it’s kind of like a team thing,” she said about her new profile decision.  

Bridges defeated Shannon O’Connell with a TKO (technical knockout) to retain the IBF light heavyweight championship earlier this month. In the lead-up to the fight, she vowed to promote her parallel endeavours.