Katie Sigmond recorded herself striking a golf ball into the Grand Canyon and then shared it with her seven million TikTok followers and was fined.

Sigmond eventually erased the video of the encounter, which occurred on October 26, but her actions received significant attention on social media after the National Park Service (NPS) shared her original video on its Reddit page.

Later, on Grand Canyon National Park’s Facebook page, a message was issued that began, “Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?” It disclosed that members of the public assisted in identifying the offender as the renowned TikTok influencer who, among other things, broadcasts films of herself ball-driving.

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Who is Katie Sigmond?

Katie Sigmond is a 20-year-old influencer. Sigmond is known for her TikTok videos. She has 54.2k YouTube subscribers and more than three million Instagram followers. 

She has a brother and a sister named Hailey Sigmond. She had a brief relationship with Jeremy Hutchins.

She designates herself as a sportsperson, and she posts images and videos of herself golfing, working out, and riding her motorcycle. 

She was a member of the social house Not a Content House before becoming a member of clubhouse. 

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In her TikTok video “idk what this is,” she used the Travis Scott and Kacy Hill song 90210 which became quite popular. 

Prior to her Grand Canyon mishap where she hit a golf ball into the Grand Canyon, the influencer routinely posted videos of herself playing golf on social media.

The National Park Service website plainly warns about the dangers of tossing things into the Grand Canyon – “Objects tossed over the edge or dislodged by walking off trail can injure hikers and wildlife below.”

Despite his initial opposition, Sigmond has an OnlyFans account and frequently posts on the site.

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She opened out about her OnlyFans work in September 2022, saying that while she gets money from the site, she prefers to focus on her YouTube career. “I want people to know me for my personality rather than just my looks,” Sigmond remarked on the podcast moneybuyshappiness.