Although Barbie seems to be the less violent movie of the blockbuster movies that clashed at the box office over the weekend – which included Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer – videos of brawls breaking out at theaters where the Margot Robbie-starring flick was playing went viral on the internet.

Two such videos were circulated on the internet, out of which one went viral after popping up on Reddit originally and later finding it’s way to Twitter. Here is the video:

The video showed two women engaging in a bitter brawl at the end of a Barbie movie screening in Brazil. With the credits rolling up and  Billie Eilish’s What Was I Made For? playing in the background, the brawl broke out.

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According to the reports, someone in the theater was letting their kid watch videos on a phone on YouTube during the movie. Although it was unclear as to who was accusing whom, the girl in the pink jacket ended up bearing the brunt of the brawl as she was slammed to the ground after one of the angry women stormed up the theater steps.

According to a subreddit, “The older lady and the kids with her were in the girl dressed in pink seat, she asked for them to move, they took forever and the old lady kept calling her names. The kid apparently sat on the floor and talking loud through the whole movie, including watching YouTube on her phone. The girl in pink got fed up, asking the kid to be quiet, that she wasn’t in the living room of her house and be respectful. After the movie ended, the girl in pink started complaning about the lack of respect and how the old lady (apparently the kids grandmother) weren’t doing nothing and asked if the kid knew what the sugar daddy they mentioned on the movie was, the old lady confronted her, for ‘offending her granddaughter'”.

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It further added: “The girl in pink were being dragged online for calling the police and complaning about the kid being in the movie to begin with. One person in the replies said they knew the old lady, it was a relative and known for being physical towards people that confront her.”

In a separate, less viral video taken by Twitter user @alextylerc, another brawl broke out when they had gone to watch the Barbie movie at some theater. However, the video recorded by the user was a short one and no other info was provided about the brawl. Here is the video:

In the 9-second video, a scene from the Barbie movie was seen playing on screen as a few moviegoers, including what looked like theater security were seen crowding over some people on the floor seemingly locked in a physical brawl.