A 16-year-old swimmer identified as Aaren Rudolph swam to help the Black security guard who was being attacked by a group of white males during the altercation in Montgomery.

A group of white people attacked an African-American security officer in Montgomery on Sunday, August 6, after he allegedly requested them to move their boat. Witnesses said that alcohol use and heightened emotions led to the incident that broke out along the Alabama riverbank.

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Who is Aaren Rudolph?

Aaren Rudolph is 16 years old. The African-American security guard was assaulted by a crowd during a violent argument that took place at the Montgomery Riverfront, and swimmer Aaren Rudolph was one of the people who went to his rescue. The security guard, who was subsequently revealed to be Aaren’s colleague, needed assistance, so Aaren swam across the lake to help.

The brawl evolved at the Montgomery Riverfront, initiating a response from police divisions to the 200 block of Coosa Street around 7 p.m. to address the trouble. The incident was recorded on video, catching the scene on the dock near the Harriott II Riverboat, a well-known downtown attraction.

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The video of Aaren Rudolph swimming to help surfaced on the internet like wildfire. Many people lauded the 16-year-old for his move. Several social media users called him “Black Aquaman”. One user wrote, “We love and appreciate you Aaren🤎🙌🏿🤎💪🏿 Thank you, and may “The MOST HIGH” continue to keep you and your family covered, blessed, protected, and favored! #AarenRudolph 🤎🏆”

“SHOUT OUT TO AAREN RUDOLPH aka Black AQUAMAN. He is the 16 year old who SWAM ACROSS THE RIVER to help the BLACK MAN IN MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA!!! #BlackTwitter #FBA” another user tweeted.

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One user tweeted, “I love it! Very respectful and humbled young man! #AarenRudolph thank you to his parents! They should be very proud of him! He did absolutely nothing wrong!!”

One tweeted, “This kid deserves a Medal of Honor #aarenrudolph”