The Hollywood actor sent a video message with Jimin, one of the BTS members, a few days ago, much to the joy of fans of both BTS and Ryan Gosling. Ryan admitted that he stole one of Jimin’s costumes from the Barbie music video for BTS’ Permission to Dance. The actor who plays “Ken” in the film, Ryan Gosling, admitted that he disregarded the golden rule of being “Ken,” which is to “Never copy another Ken’s style.”

The ensemble in question is a whimsical cowboy outfit, with floral embroidery and frills. In the video, Ryan said, “Hi Jimin. I have to give it to you – you wore it first, definitely wore it best. And there’s an unspoken Ken code that if you copy another Ken’s style, you have to give them your most prized possession. I hope you will accept Ken’s guitar as my humble offering.”

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Given his admiration for Ryan Gosling and his film, “Notebook,” fans have been anticipating Jimin’s response to the video. On Monday, the South Korean celebrity finally broke his quiet by addressing Ryan in a video. “Hello Ryan/Ken, it’s Jimin,” the actor stated while posing with the Ken guitar. “Congratulations on your major release. Thank you so much; my fans can’t wait to watch your video. I could tell you looked fantastic in my clothing. I appreciate the guitar you gave me, and I’m excited to see Barbie. Go, Barbie!”

BTS ARMY who are also fans of Ryan Gosling and the Barbie movie have been lapping up this exchange between the two global superstars.

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Recently, Jungkook, another member of BTS, also talked about how much he adores Ryan Gosling. In a shocking admission that generated a lot of internet discussion, Jungkook revealed his adoration for actor Ryan Gosling, who stars in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” alongside Margot Robbie and an incredible ensemble cast as Ken. Jungkook said that he was planning to purchase tickets very soon when asked if he wanted to see the most recent Barbie film!