Scooter Braun is stepping back from day-to-day work of his talent management company to focus on his role as CEO of HYBE America, the South Korean entertainment giant behind K-pop titans BTS, to which he sold Ithaca Holdings, the parent company for his SB Projects management business, for a whopping $1.05 billion in 2021.

What is HYBE America?

HYBE America, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, is a South Korean entertainment company that has gained international fame for managing some of the biggest K-pop acts in the world. Founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk, the company initially focused on producing music content, but it gained widespread recognition after its collaboration with BTS.

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BTS, one of the most popular and successful K-pop groups globally, catapulted HYBE America’s reputation to new heights. The group’s unique blend of music, meaningful lyrics, and captivating performances led to a massive global fanbase known as the “ARMY.” This success allowed the company to expand its scope and influence within the entertainment industry.

In 2021, Big Hit Entertainment rebranded itself as HYBE Corporation to reflect its evolution from a music-focused company to a broader entertainment powerhouse. HYBE America is the American subsidiary of HYBE Corporation, focusing on expanding the company’s presence and influence in the Western music market.

The company’s mission is to create a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem that encompasses music, concerts, content creation, and artist management. This approach aims to engage fans on multiple levels, from music consumption to immersive experiences.

HYBE America’s portfolio includes not only BTS but also other talented artists such as TXT (Tomorrow X Together) and ENHYPEN. The company’s expertise lies in producing high-quality music and creative content that resonates with audiences globally.

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With its strong track record in producing successful artists and its commitment to innovation, HYBE America continues to shape the global entertainment landscape. The company’s dedication to fostering unique artistic expressions and building a passionate fanbase has solidified its position as a leading force in the K-pop industry and beyond.