Barbie, the box office phenomenon, doesn’t overstay its welcome. Greta Gerwig’s most recent film, with a (tight by contemporary standards) 1 hour and 54 minute running time, concludes on a sly, touching inside joke, with the titular character (Margot Robbie) embracing a new frontier as she sheds her notions about perfection. The film’s climax is revealed when the screen cuts to the sparkling, magenta-pink emblem that is known throughout the world. There isn’t a post-credits scene in Barbie.

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Margot Robbie portrays the iconic doll in Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie as she leaves the idyllic plastic environment of Barbie Land and journeys into the real world, where she experiences an existential crisis and seeks meaning. Additionally, Ryan Gosling is traveling with her as her constant himbo companion, Ken.

Issa Rae, Simu Liu, Dua Lipa, Ncuti Gatwa, Kate McKinnon, Scott Evans, Hari Nef, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emma Mackey, and John Cena are among the several supporting actors in the film, along with Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, and America Ferreira.

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Thanks to Ryan Gosling’s commitment to promoting his “Kenergy” during the press tour, rumors of a Ken spinoff began to circulate before the film’s release. Given the positive reviews his portrayal of the role has received, it appears more likely that the character will be continued.

And then, of course, there are the additional films that Mattel has in the works, such as a horror film based on the Magic 8 Ball, an Uno heist story, and a Polly Pocket adaption written by Lena Dunham.

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Barbie 2 is not currently in the works, and Gerwig is already working on another project. She will be making two Netflix movies based on C.S. Lewis’ Narnia stories as her next endeavor. However, Gerwig has hinted that she would be up for additional Barbie movies in the future. “I want to go back to Barbieland,” she told People before the release of Barbie.