Following the young USC star’s heart episode during practice, Bronny James’ vaccination history has become a hot issue in NBA circles. Bronny is now in the hospital in a stable condition rather than the “Intensive Care Unit” fortunately due to the rapid response of the medical team on duty.

Is Bronny James vaccinated?

Many people have also used this chance to talk on Bronny James’ vaccination history. Although it’s unclear if he had received the COVID-19 “Booster” vaccine in a timely manner, it sounds like he had it all at one point.

LeBron James said in 2021 that he and his family felt secure and comfortable becoming immunised after doing some study after being first sceptical. James first dodged inquiries and then said that he and his family had taken the vaccine.

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Whether or not Bronny James has continued to get ‘Booster’ vaccines since then is unclear. Given the controversial nature of the topic, it’s unclear whether or not the family will open up on the matter down the line once Bronny recovers.

LeBron James received criticism for delaying receiving the COVID-19 vaccination in 2021. At the time, LeBron James and fellow LA Lakers teammate Dennis Schroder claimed that everyone else on the squad had received vaccinations.

James’ vaccination status sparked a lot of debate right away because guys like Kyrie Irving were no longer allowed to play due to regulations. James decided to be vaccinated after researching study even though he couldn’t play if he had remained unvaccinated.

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Aside from a screening in high school, many people have also noted that some athletes have undiscovered heart conditions that they carry into adulthood. When Jeff Green was far into the NBA, it wasn’t until a routine physical that the issue was discovered.

Whether or not Bronny James had an undetected heart condition that caused cardiac arrest is unknown.