Dan Wootton claims that a “smear campaign” has been launched against him in an effort to ruin his reputation as a journalist.

After his former partner made a number of allegations about him on social media, the GB News anchor was accused of being at the center of a controversy involving cash-for-sexual photographs.

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Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, the 40-year-old denied the allegations and hit out at the “cesspit” of social media.

He said: “As you probably don’t know, because you’re not insane enough to pay attention to the cesspit of social media, these past few days I have been the target of a smear campaign by nefarious players with an axe to grind.

Notably, by an ex-partner who I was previously abused by – something I have never spoken about publicly before, by the way ­– who has been on a campaign to destroy my life.

In the past, he has written to me confessing to being a ‘psychopath’ and I saw this first hand when he threatened in writing to ‘slit my throat’ many years after we had broken up. I have been forced to report his behavior and threats to police. They are now investigating.”

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Wootton denied the story put forward by his ex-partner, also hitting out at the Guardian for choosing to publish the allegations.

“He has created an untrue story about me and appears to have been working with an organization who are intent on closing this channel, whose reporters include a convicted phone hacker”, he said.

He said: “He has made up a lie about me and seems to have been collaborating with a group that wants to shut down this channel, whose reporters include a convicted phone hacker.”

“Other horrible remarks have been made by a convicted extortionist I have never even met who has a lengthy history of blackmailing gay men. The court who sentenced him to prison for a lot of years remarked that his activity was ‘compulsive’ and posed a ‘high risk’ to the public.”