DC League of Super Pets is an animated movie focusing on the pets of DC’s biggest superheroes. The movie will be released on July 29, 2022, in the United States. This time DC shifted its focus to an animated movie and moved the Justice League into supporting roles. This is what we will get in Jared Stern’s DC League of Super Pets.

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Superman and Batman are still part of the DC superhero animated movie. John Krasinski has taken on the voice of Man of Steel and Keanu Reeve becomes the Dark Knight, but the movie is all about Dwayne Johnson, not as Black Adam, but as Krypto the Superdog. 

According to CinemaBlend, the movie opens up with a traditional superhero vs supervillain battle. Lex Luthor (Marc Maron) has obtained a meteorite of orange kryptonite. Lex hopes that the kryptonite will give him superpowers to fight the Justice League. It turns out that kryptonite doesn’t work on humans. It does however work on animals, which Lulu, a guinea pig and former LexCorp test animal already knows. She gets her hand on the kryptonite and gives herself powers. She also gives new abilities to Ace, pot-bellied pig PB, Merton, and Chip. 

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Krypto, temporarily robbed of his power, needs to teach the group of shelter animals how to become superheroes if they are ever going to stop Lulu and save Superman. 

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According to ScreenRant, the studio is working to grow the DC Extended Universe, WB and DC Films. This includes a solo film for The Joker, a standalone franchise for Batman and an animated adventure focused on animals that are DC League of Super Pets. Variety reported that CEO David Zaslav is exploring ways to strengthen the DC brand so that it can compete with Marvel.