We’ve been hearing reports over the past several days about how ‘Euphoria‘ star Angus Cloud may have committed suicide after the passing of his father. His mother, though, denies it. In fact, she had mentioned “possible overdose” in a 911 help call prior to his untimely death.

The ‘Euphoria’ star’s mother called 911 at around 11:30 a.m. on July 31 after discovering him unresponsive at his family’s Oakland home, according to aceshowbiz.com.

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Angus had no pulse, according to the actor’s mother, Lisa Cloud McLaughlin, who reported it to the police. Later it was discovered that he had already passed away when the fire service arrived on the site. The American actor, who is best known for playing Fezco in the HBO drama series, is rumored to have been having some ‘dark thoughts’.

Angus was allegedly experiencing serious suicidal thoughts ever since he returned from Ireland. Ireland was the location of his father’s final resting place, thus he was there. The actor made the decision to spend some time in Ireland soon after the memorial service in order to work through his emotions.

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Angus was moving things around the house and rearranging his room, according to Lisa, which she interprets as a sign that he intended to stay on for a while. In addition to other indications that, in her opinion, point to him not being suicidal, she claimed he had been talking about wanting to assist family members with their college expenses.

Then, Lisa said, “I don’t know if or what he may have put in his body after that. I only know that he put his head on the desk where he was working on art projects, fell asleep, and didn’t wake up. We may find out that he overdosed accidentally and tragically, but it’s abundantly clear that he did not intend to check out of this world.”

She adds, “Social media posts have suggested his death was intentional. I want you to know that is not the case. To honor his memory, please make random acts of kindness part of your daily life.”

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According to a statement made by Angus’ former talent manager, the singer appeared to have struggled with significant drug addiction in the past. The actor had to be revived by Narcan once following an overdose last January, the manager continued.

The substance the actor is said to have overdosed on at the time of his death is still unknown, but last year, when he needed Narcan to be revived, he overdosed on prescription drugs. However, it should be pointed out that the official cause of death is not yet confirmed while authorities are looking into it.