A woman working on the set of Yellowstone has accused actor Kevin Costner of getting her pregnant. This news comes right after Costner’s divorce and he is reportedly leaving the show.

As per Costner’s team, the pregnancy rumor is fake.

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Unknown as to who originated the rumor or even with whom Costner got pregnant, it has been going viral on social media since his wife, Christine, announced her intention to file for divorce on Monday.

Costner was reportedly not aware of Christine filing for divorce.

Christine puts the date of separation as the month they were married in 2004 in her divorce documents. In her divorce paperwork, Christine lists the last month of their separation; they were married in 2004.

Why is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone?

The news follows rumors of purported conflict between the co-creator and star of the Paramount Network series about the actor’s filming commitments for the remaining episodes of the current season.

According to Entertainment Tonight, there have reportedly been issues between series creator Taylor Sheridan and actor Kevin Costner regarding the actor’s filming commitments. With six episodes left, the Paramount Network program is now on a mid-season vacation.

There is still no word on when the cast and crew will return to Montana, where the show is shot on location, to complete the last episodes of season 5.

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In February, it was announced that the second half of the most recent Yellowstone season might be the final one to include Costner as John Dutton. Costner’s multi-part Western epic “Horizon” has scheduling issues that prevent the actor from playing the patriarch of the Montana ranch family in future episodes.

According to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, Costner decided not to return because of the shooting circumstances for the remaining episodes of the current season.

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The ongoing writers’ strike, which started on Tuesday, is another aspect that can cause “Yellowstone” to be delayed. Because of the strike, authors cannot work on film or television screenplays. Filming might start if Sheridan has finished writing the second half of the season, who writes the majority of the show. Fans of “Yellowstone” may have to wait even longer for the return of their beloved program if Sheridan and the cast were unable to complete the scripts prior to the strike. If this is it for Costner and Yellowstone, viewers might get to see another well-known person in the major role.