The existence of GoPro footage of the alleged ski collision between Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Sanderson in 2016 has come under scrutiny during their ongoing civil trial in Utah.

Mr Sanderson, 76, is seeking $300,000 in damages from Ms Paltrow for injuries he suffered in the incident, which he claims left him with a brain injury and several broken ribs. The trial has entered its fourth day, with both sides arguing against being the one who caused the collision.

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The possibility of footage of the incident was previously raised in an email sent by Mr Sanderson’s daughter, Shae Sanderson-Herath. However, during her testimony in court on Friday, Ms Sanderson-Herath admitted that she had never actually seen the footage herself.

She said that she had believed it existed because her father had told her that someone with a GoPro would have captured the incident due to the sound of a “big blood-curdling scream.” She added that she had only suggested the possibility of footage in order to give her father some peace of mind.

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The question of whether or not the footage exists could have a significant impact on the trial, as it may provide crucial evidence in determining who was responsible for the collision.

On Thursday, Dr Richard Boehne testified that Mr Sanderson’s injuries could only have been caused by Ms Paltrow colliding with him from behind and falling on top of him. He said that Mr Sanderson had acted as a “cushion” for Ms Paltrow in the fall, and there was no evidence that he was faking his injuries.

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Ms Paltrow is expected to give evidence in the trial, along with Mr Sanderson himself. The incident has been described as the “only scenario” that could have led to Mr Sanderson’s injuries. The trial continues, with the question of the GoPro footage likely to be a key issue in determining the outcome.