After a successful Starship launch earlier this week, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk starred on NBC’s weekly show ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the stakes were at an all-time high with this episode. 

Saturday’s show, which was scheduled for a broadcast at 11:30 pm ET, featured Musk, singer and entrepreneur Miley Cyrus and Kid Laroi. 

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Musk was expected to be the centre of attraction at this week’s SNL due to his indirect involvement and influence on the ‘Dogecoin’, a cryptocurrency that originally started off as a meme and gained momentum amongst the Gen Z investors. 

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The value of the Dogecoin is expected to gain a significant boost during the broadcast as Musk has gained the reputation of being the face of the coin and has also given himself the title of “father of the dogecoin”. The tech-savvy billionaire raised the expectations of investors after sharing an edited version of a poster originally posted by SNL on Twitter.

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Musk’s version features the three hosts of the show along with the 2013 meme face of the doge. 

Cyrus, who will accompany Musk on the sets of SNL as the musical guest, tweeted a backstage video of herself mumbling gibberish and captioned the post, “What I hear when Elon is explaining DOGECOIN to me” in what seems to be a friendly taunt.