Dogecoin crypto, which touched a record high of $0.73, dropped significantly before and during Elon Musk‘s ‘Saturday Night Live‘ appearance. The crypto fell over 28% in the past 24 hours to a low of $0.51. 

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Musk, who is the world’s second richest man, helped Dogecoin to propel to its peak on Friday and Saturday after he tweeted a picture of himself and Shiba Inu on the set of the iconic NBC show. 

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The crytpocurrency, which started as a joke has surged over 20,000% in the past few months, according to Coingecko. But, it began dropping amid Elon Musk’s SNL appearance, and it started trending on the social media. Netizens started to come up with hilarious memes on Dogecoin’s fall. 

Here are a few memes shared on social media:

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Dogecoin featured several times during Musk’s appearance on SNL, in which he described the cryptocurrency as a hustle. As he appeared on the show, a day before Mother’s Day, the tech wizard brought his mother on stage and joked he was gifting dogecoin to her.