Footballer Gerard Pique has broken his silence on his separation from the Columbian pop singer Shakira in a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. 

The 36-year-old said that he was quiet on the matter to protect their two sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, who were already going through a tough time due to the separation.

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“Everyone has their responsibility to try to do what is best for their children,” Pique said to El Paris. 

“It is about protecting them. That is the job of all parents with children. That is what I am focused on and that is my job as a father.”

The footballer added that he is otherwise ‘very happy’ with his life, in spite of the dramatic changes that have taken place since he split with Shakira in June 2022, as well as his retirement from football in the summer of 2022. 

‘The day I die, I will look behind me and I hope to have done everything I wanted,” he said. 

“The people I worry about and love are the ones that know me. I don’t care about the rest. I channel my energy into being with my people and giving them what I have. I am very happy. ‘There have been changes in my life and I have known how to maintain my happiness.”

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It has since been revealed that the former Barcelona defender has been dating 23-year-old Carla Chia Marti. 

Shakira reacted to the news by releasing a song with Argentinian DJ Bizarrap where she said that she was a Rolex while Marti was a Casio. The ‘Pique diss song’, with lyrics containing several put-downs of the footballer, has become a hit and garnered millions of views on YouTube. 

Incidentally, when Shakira performed it live at the Jimmy Fallon show with Bizarrap by her side, the footballer was in the audience with their two sons, raising eyebrows all around.