Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have officially announced their separation, and it appears they are navigating this challenging period independently, even when it comes to seeking professional help. Sources close to the situation, as reported by TMZ, reveal that the estranged couple is not engaging in marriage counseling or couple’s therapy. Instead, both Kyle and Mauricio have opted for individual therapy sessions, with no joint sessions taking place concurrently.

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While it may seem unconventional not to address the issues that led to their separation together, sources emphasize that the couple is focused on granting each other the space to explore personal growth individually. Despite Kyle previously referring to their separation as a divorce, insiders insist that there are currently no discussions about divorce taking place.

Insiders suggest that the couple is uncertain about their future, expressing that a reunion is a possibility but far from guaranteed. The decision on whether they will stay married or pursue divorce will be made at a later time, allowing both parties the necessary time and space for reflection.

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It’s worth noting that there is no prenuptial agreement in place, adding a layer of complexity to the potential division of assets. With Mauricio’s substantial $100 million real estate net worth and Kyle’s earnings from her role on ‘Real Housewives,’ the process of asset division could involve considerable work from accountants and lawyers. The financial aspects further contribute to the intricacies surrounding the couple’s separation.