Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has made a public announcement regarding her separation from her partner, Andrea Giambruno, the father of their seven-year-old daughter. This decision was prompted by a recent scandal in which Giambruno, a television presenter, was recorded making inappropriate and sexist comments while seemingly admitting to an extramarital affair.

In a statement posted on social media, Meloni stated, “My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost ten years, ends here,” revealing that their paths had been drifting apart for some time.

Who is Andrea Giambruno?

This separation comes as a consequence of Giambruno’s controversial off-air comments made to female colleagues while working on the Rete 4 commercial station’s talk show, “Diario del giorno” (Daily diary).

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The recording captures Giambruno making overtly sexual and demeaning comments, including an admission of an affair with a colleague. He even suggested the possibility of involving a third person in their relationship. These remarks were widely publicized by another television channel, leading to public outrage and scrutiny.

Giorgia Meloni, aged 46, is known for leading a right-wing government that strongly advocates traditional family values. In August, she had to defend Giambruno when he faced accusations of victim-blaming for comments made about rape on his talk show. Giambruno’s controversial statement at the time implied that avoiding certain behaviors could prevent sexual assault.

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In her social media post announcing the separation, Meloni expressed gratitude to Giambruno for their years together, acknowledging the challenges they faced and, most importantly, for their daughter Ginevra. This separation marks a significant development in the life of Italy’s prime minister, who remains a prominent figure in the country’s political landscape.