R-South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan’s wife Melody Duncan has accused his husband in a court petition on Friday of having repeated extramarital affairs before leaving their home to live with another lady.

The filing, which was submitted around noon on Friday, identified Duncan’s paramour as Liz Williams, who is reportedly a lobbyist based in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Duncan “recently left the marriage and admitted to [Melody] that he has an ongoing sexual relationship” with Williams, the complaint claims. According to the complaint, Duncan also acknowledged having an “adulterous relationship with many other people, including the parties’ sons and members of his staff.”

The lawsuit, which South Carolina’s Index-Journal published on Friday night, also mentioned a conservative fundraising event that Duncan hosted on August 28 called the “Faith and Freedom BBQ,” where he referred to Melody as his “loving and supportive wife.”

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Duncan is said to have “engaged in an extramarital relationship with at least one other woman” while the pair were married, according to the complaint. According to the accusation, Duncan has worked to convey the impression that he and Melody are wed for no other reason than “to justify the hypocrisy of his public statements and his private actions.”

Who is Melody Duncan?

Jeff and Melody were married in 1988. The couple has three children – Graham Duncan, John Philip Duncan, and Parker Duncan. They have been married for 34 years.

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Melody Duncan asked the court to grant them possession of their marital home and their house in Montana, as well as permanent and reimbursable alimony. She also requested, among other things, that the court maintain health insurance for her and their children, pay for both of their unpaid medical bills, handle attorney’s fees, and keep Duncan entirely liable for any unpaid debts and other responsibilities.