Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery tells the story of a tech billionaire’s murder on an island, and the first clip from the Rian Johnson-directed film has been revealed by Netflix at its fan event, Tudum

Johnson, who has shown skill in toying with the boundaries of the detective genre in Brick – a hardboiled detective tale set in a high school, proved he could do locked room mysteries just as well in the 2019 movie, Knives Out. The first look at the sequel does not give spoilers away, and the director has added that it is from “early in the movie”. 

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The various characters are shown trying to get to the bottom of a puzzle. An elaborate outlay alters to the right touch and guesses, and revelations come as various parties peel away at the mystery – akin to how one would peel away layers of an onion. At one point, Dave Bautista’s character asks whether “47” would be the right answer to a clue because it is the atomic number of silver. 

As the parties move to the heart of the mystery, the entire wooden outlay transforms into a box, which bears an onion-shaped object made of glassy metal. It opens to bear a card from Miles Bron, the tech billionaire, who Bautista’s character calls a “genius” earlier in the clip. The letter is addressed to all of them, calling them disruptors, before inviting them onto Bron’s island for “a moment of normalcy”. Bron continues in the letter that their investigative prowess will be whetted as well, while they try to solve his murder. Bautista’s character starts looking for his spear gun, and a while later the scene changes to vessels on the water in a distance before the camera focuses on Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc, the only recurring character from the first film. He narrates that the invitation is not to be trifled with. 

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The sequel to Johnson’s murder mystery sees Blanc called in to solve another crime, except this time he has plenty of amateur mystery solvers to contend with. 

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is slated to release in November 2022, but already premiered at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival.