Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood actor, has garnered as much attention for her work as she has for her personal life.

Throughout her fifteen-year career, the actress has been in several high-profile relationships and gone through several publicised break-ups. Kaif’s first and most public relationship was with Salman Khan, and while she rarely spoke about it, it provided fodder for many gossip columns, particularly when the actress started dating Ranbir Kapoor after Khan.

Through the many ups and downs of her private life, which she has navigated with grace despite being under constant public scrutiny, Kaif has also spoken candidly about the lessons life and love have taught her.

As Katrina Kaif celebrates her 38th birthday today- here are seven wise lessons from Katrina Kaif that should definitely be included in your relationship manual:

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Keep it private

Katrina never discusses her personal life openly. Regardless of media speculation, the actress always chooses not to participate in those discussions.

Give each other space

In an interview with a news outlet according to News 18, Katrina claimed that many people evaluate themselves according to the level of affection or concern shown to them by their relationships. Their relationships suffer as a result, and their self-worth suffers, which is not healthy.

Don’t be awkward around your ex’s

Katrina said in an interview with India Today that she maintains a good professional and personal relationship with Salman Khan and his family. Despite a public romance and split from Ranbir Kapoor, the two remain friendly. After their breakup, they even finished and promoted ‘Jagga Jasoos’ amicably. When asked how she feels in their presence, she stated that she does not feel awkward and that she does not harbour any complex thoughts or negative feelings toward them.

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Don’t lose your identity

When Katrina told PinkVilla that it was unfair to rely on someone else for our happiness, she taught us one of the most important lessons about break-ups. She also discussed the importance of developing your own identity rather than relying on your partner for one. “I’ve learned that you must protect and preserve your identity.” Your self-worth comes from within, not from someone else. You enter this world alone and leave alone. I’m not saying to be wary of love. Love with your whole heart. “But I’ve realised that nobody else creates your identity,” the actress said.

Trust your gut

Katrina recently told a leading daily as per News 18 that she had taken her relationships one day at a time and had always followed her gut instinct. “There is nothing difficult or simple. A relationship, on the other hand, should feel right to you. It would be beneficial if you took it one day at a time. “I believe that every experience has only benefited me; I don’t believe that relationships can weaken or empty you emotionally,” she said.

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Don’t let the relationship consume you

The actress discussed her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor on her talk show with Neha Dhupia. She also stated that she does not regret allowing her work to suffer, but she is eager to get back on track. “The relationship became my focal point, and I was happy.” That is not something I regret saying. But what I did in that, perhaps in hindsight, is I let a lot of things I was working on slip a little.” Katrina

Don’t force that relationship

“One thing that helped me when I was at my lowest was something my mom told me that so many girls and women go through a similar thing; you feel you are alone, but you are not,” the actress said in a recent interview. “That thought was very comforting,” the actress said.

When asked if she would be hesitant to date someone from the industry again, the actress confirmed that she isn’t easily broken, saying, “I have no preconceived ideas and opinions regarding relationships.” I know it has to happen naturally.”