TikTok star Lisa Mia left the world of social media in tears after she posted a video recalling her husband’s tragic death.

12 years after Robert Brewer’s tragic death, Mia remembered her husband in one of her recent social media posts. She was seen heading to a Starbucks where, through a drive-thru window, she was seen telling the employee that she would like to pay for the person behind her as it was National Remembrance Day for homicide victims.

As the video progressed, Lisa could be seen talking to the barista and recalling how her husband was brutally killed. She added that she just wanted to spread some love and remind people that there is always someone watching them.

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“I just wanted to give some love today,” Lisa said, adding to the barista, “So if you have somebody, if there’s anybody that you lost, and I feel like there is somebody, she’s watching you.” At the end of the video, viewers saw Lisa breaking down and the barista thanking her for being so kind.

How did Robert Brewer die?

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Brewer was “repeatedly stabbed, doused with gas, and set afire” during a drug party in Brandon, Texas. A group of men who killed him was led by Kasey Ackerman,. He met the group at a local mall and went to their apartment for marijuana and Xanax.

During the party, Kasey was under the impression that Rob was flirting with his then-girlfriend. He responded by attacking Brewer with the help of his friends Randy Allen Morris and Brendan Terry. The group stabbed Robert multiple times. While he was still alive, they put him in a duffel bag in a dumpster. They then set the dumpster on fire. Brewer’s body was discovered by the Brandon Fire Department.

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Robert’s family wrote in his obituary that he was a “kind and trusting soul.” Brewer dreamt of becoming a professional musician before he died, his family wrote. Mia’s husband was also known as a “fantastic chef.”

On September 6, 2023, Lisa posted a separate video about mourning the love of her life, in which she admitted she and Rob weren’t legally married when he died. However, they were planning to get a marriage certificate before he died. She said that they were not officially a married couple on paper so she considered not calling him her husband. However, after having reflected on her love for him, she changed her mind.