Robert Blake, a veteran actor passed away on Thursday, March 9, 2023 after suffering a long-term heart condition. He was a child actor who starred in The Little Rascals before building a successful acting career that earned him Emmy awards.

Blake lived a controversial life and was known for an array of negative headlines as he was for his movie contributions.

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How old was Robert Blake when he starred in The Little Rascals?

He starred in the Little Rascals or Our Gang as it was formerly known. It was a series of comedy short films that ran from 1922 until 1944. There were many other child actors besides Blake who acted in the movie. Blake was just turning six years old when he made his first Little Rascals appearance in 1939. He continued to feature in the franchise till the series concluded in 1944.

The person who created the legendary Laurel and Hardy series, Hal Roach, created The Little Rascals. Even though segregation laws were prevalent in the US at the time, Roach was credited for portraying the black and white actors as equals on The Little Rascals.

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As he was stepping toward his adolescent days, Blake’s Little Rascals career helped springboard him to other acting roles. This included over 20 appearances in the Red Ryder film series.

Believe it or not, The Little Rascals was not Blake’s first acting role of his career. It was actually his second acting gig. He made his debut in an uncredited movie role in 1939 in Bridal Suite, a comedy that featured Blake playing the minor role of a child named Toto. At the time the actor was just five years old.