R&B soul musician India Arie criticized singer Megan Thee Stallion and Janelle Monáe for their recent performances at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture.

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The clips of the performance were posted on the festival’s official page. India Arie commented on Megan’s dancing and Monae’s flashing of her breasts, saying she thought they showed a lack of “discretion.” Her comment, which presented her viewpoint on the subject, was posted on Essence’s Instagram page.

As the news surfaced on the internet several internet users showed interest in Arie’s life and many were curious about her relationship status.

Is India Arie married?

India Arie is not a new name in the music fraternity as she is globally acclaimed for her talent and music. Throughout her career, the singer has been linked to multiple names in the context of her love life and relationships. But one name which stands out the most in the list looks to be is actor Chris Tucker.

However, there is no public confirmation of her present marital status and no formal news of her marriage or husband. India Since Arie has made the decision to keep her personal matters private, we are unable to ascertain whether she is married.

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In June 2020, speculations spread that India Arie has a 13-year-long covert relationship with American actor Chris Tucker. The rumors took no time in gathering tractions with the help of fans sharing pictures of them together.

India Arie became a popular topic on Twitter as the news spread. She quickly refuted all fan theories in a flurry of tweets on June 5, 2020, in response to the rumor.

India Arie first tweeted her surprise at the accusations, stressing that the rumors about their purported black love were untrue. She confirmed that she wasn’t dating Chris Tucker in a later tweet. Although she conceded that they had gone on one or two dates thirteen years prior, she insisted that she had no memory of those interactions.

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Recently, the singer again gathered a lot of attention after openly criticizing Megan Thee Stallion and Janelle Monáe on Instagram.