YouTuber JoJo Siwa is attracting a lot of backlash after she tried to clickbait her fans on Snapchat into believing that she was pregnant. In order to trick her fans, she shared an image of herself showing off her bloated belly alongside a bag of diapers on Snapchat.

While at Target, JoJo Siwa posted an image of herself on Snapchat after posing for the camera in front of the diaper aisle. She lifted up her shirt to give her followers a glimpse of her swollen belly. She wrote in the picture, “Can’t wait,” attaching a blue heart emoji and a baby emoji. In a separate social media post, the 19-year-old posed next to a collection of baby clothes. She wrote in the caption, “BABY CLOTHES HAUL!!!!!”

This made many netizens confused as to whether she was pregnant or not. Many also attacked her for clickbaiting her fans.

Is Jojo Siwa pregnant?

In reality, the YouTuber is not actually pregnant. Many of the internet sleuths dug up the reason behind her posts and found that JoJo Siwa was just collecting essentials for babies to donate to mothers in need.

Despite the YouTuber having good intentions Internet users blasted Siwa’s clickbait posts. “Click baiting that you’re pregnant to giveaway baby clothes. I feel as though you manipulating people for clicks and revenue will not be evened out by the 30 people you help. How about some honesty, tell people you’re trying to help. Jojo Siwa you are a strange human,” one Twitter user wrote.

Here are some other reactions:

However, this is not the first time that the YouTuber tricked followers into believing that she was pregnant. She pulled the same prank just days ago. She took to social media to showcase her bulgy tummy. She was seen lying on her back with one of her hands placed under her stomach. The caption said, “Team BOY or Team GIRL.”

However, in a following post, she showed off her super-toned body where her bloated stomach had seemingly disappeared.