The ‘RIP’ trending next to the young singer’s name on TikTok search results initially alarmed Nessa Barrett fans, but it has since been revealed to be a horrible death hoax. 

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As a TikTok star, Barrett, 20, gained notoriety around the same time as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Record labels began to take notice of her after she posted vocal samples online. Nessa Barrett joined Warner Records not long after becoming well-known online.

Nessa Barrett (Photo: Instagram/@nessabarrett)

Barrett has amassed a sizable online following over the last three years. The vocalist of La Di Die has more than 7 million Instagram followers as of the date of writing. So, when internet rumors began to circulate linking Barrett’s name to “RIP,” her sizable fan base hurried to learn what had happened to Nessa Barrett.

Nessa Barrett’s name began to trend alongside “RIP” on TikTok in January. Fans expressed concern for the singer’s well-being because they know that she had struggled in previous years with her mental health.

A user on Twitter wrote “As someone who struggles with BPD. Nessa Barrett is one of the most truthful individuals in her music about it and I can’t find many artist who make songs specifically for BPD. We appreciate you and love you Nessa! Stay strong! @nessabarrett @thenessanation #BPD #nessabarrett”

Another commented “Is nessa barrett.. dead ? why is nessa barrett rip trending on tiktok?? is she alive ?? i’m very confused??”

“i’m also very concerned??” she replied to her own tweet. 

Thankfully, Nessa Barrett was still alive and well on January 31, 2023, according to Barrett’s closest friend and manager, Bree Shepherd. She was seen in a video posted by Shepherd, confirming her to be vital.

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Barrett shared a video from Shepherd’s TikTok account with the caption: “when she don’t got social media on her phone anymore.” You can see Barrett in the video. 

This is the second fake death involving a singer that has been reported in the last week. With bogus allegations made in a YouTube video going viral, Tina Turner was the most recent victim of a death hoax, leading some followers to believe she had passed away.

According to a TikTok user, a video that falsely linked media coverage of Cooper Noriega’s death with Nessa Barrett’s face caused the death fake to become popular. Cooper Noriega, a fellow TikTok star and Nessa Barrett’s close friend, tragically passed away suddenly last summer at the young age of 19.