Social media influencer Watts Up Mickey, is generating a stir on social media after an explicit video of him went viral. He has since addressed the topic on his Instagram feed.

On OnlyFans, influencer Baddie Megan posted an explicit video of herself with Watts Up Mickey. The video displayed pornographic footage of the duo without their clothing on.

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When the paywall-protected video appeared on Twitter and Instagram, Megan and Watts Up Mickey were struck speechless. It’s still not clear whether the couple purposefully leaked the graphic video.

Watts Up Mickey has since deactivated his official Instagram account. To deal with the issue at hand, he nevertheless created a new account.

While everything was going on, Megan stated on her official Twitter account that she was not aware that Watts Up Mickey was a well-known online video producer.

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Watts Up Mickey is primarily recognised for his internet comedy stuff. He has also acquired popularity as the brother of fellow comic Watts Homie Quan. Along with making amusing videos, the duo experimented in music. In 2015, they released their track G’d UP.

In his Instagram bio, Mickey states, “Watts up follow me them other accounts fake on the set don’t get clout off me Acc got took at 19k.”

In response to his and Megan’s video being posted online, he wrote on Instagram:

“Instead of trying make fun of me for clout Maybe u should pray for me & seee if a n****a is ok…. Y’all don’t kno where My head is at mentally and the thoughts I have.”

“Everybody weird asf,” he said in another Instagram story. Mickey later admitted that he “did it for the clout.”

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Watts Homie Quan, Mickey’s brother, came to Instagram stories to defend his sibling. He also responded to others who were online mocking his sibling. According to Quan’s Instagram story:

“It’s funny how ppl wanna tear down mfs but the same so called Straight n***as all watchin the video posting and talkin about it I ain’t seen it so what that say about all you straight n***as yall n***as sassy & yo dirt ain’t come out yet. It’s so easy to laugh at somebodies pain and you hiding behind yours…. what’s goes around comes around. Mfs have no time on their hands to be talkin bout this s**t or make y’all day about it.”

Mickey has not spoken about his sexual orientation.