Youtuber and streamer Kai Cenat has been arrested after a riot broke out at New York City’s Union Square after he and Fanum scheduled a giveaway of Playstation 5s.

On Friday, many people gathered in Union Square in New York City for a giveaway held by two social media influencers, Kai Cenat, a highly successful Twitch streamer, and Fanum, another streamer. Cenat and “a few other people” have been taken into custody, NBC 4 reported citing police chief Terence Monahan.

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According to TwitchTracker, Cenat has the most subscribers among streamers on the platform. The giveaway was scheduled to start at 4 PM ET in Union Square Park. In the middle of a large crowd, Cenat uploaded a stream to Twitch that lasted about three minutes but didn’t show much information.

A little earlier, before getting out of the car, he posted a video in which he mentioned the several PS5 consoles he planned to give away and displayed a massive stack of $100 gift cards. As soon as Cenat exits the vehicle, the situation swiftly turns chaotic as the crowd collapses on Cenat and his group.

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According to police, there have been at least 12 injuries. At approximately 4:40 pm, numerous NYPD police were on the scene attempting to sort out the gathering. The NYPD issued a warning regarding disruptions to mass transit and traffic; they anticipated that roughly 2,000 individuals attended the giveaway.

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The site was littered with garbage, paint, and wrecked construction machinery when video from the location showed a large crowd bursting into mayhem. By 5 pm, most people had left Union Square after police had ordered the masses to disperse.