Controversial rapper Kanye West is back in news once again, this time being spotted with a “mysterious woman”.

This marks West’s first appearance in the public in several weeks, as he could be seen driving around in his Maybach in Beverly Hills at 7:46 a.m. PT on Monday. Interestingly, West was spotted with a companion this time. The two could be seen holding hands as they walked into Waldorf Astoria hotel.

West, legally Ye, has not been spotted in public for quite some time, with speculations being made the Donda rapper went missing, since his ex-business manager Thomas St. John revealed that he was “nowhere to be found.”

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Ye was previously married to Kim Kardashian, a popular personality who has also launched makeup and clothing lines. The two separated over irreconcilable differences, as Kardashian stated. West has since made headlines for his public remarks. SNL comedian Pete Davidson has been a victim of West’s offensive remarks.  

West has posted a slew of anti-semitic comments on his Twitter and also overtly supported former president Donald Trump. West was spotted with Nick Fuentes as the two attended dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. Fuentes is a known alt-right figure and a white supremacist supporter. 

West was also involved in a feud with several clothing brands, who later dropped him from their label following the hate comments he has remarked. West even started the now-closed Donda Academy. 

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West has been severly critized for the infamous 2009 VMA encouter with then-up-and-coming artist Taylor Swift. On that fateful night, West stormed the stage as the 19-year-old swift was receiving the Best Music Video of the Year award for her You Belong With Me music video. West took the mike from Swift and claimed that it should have been Beyoncé who should have won the award instead. 

The two have since been in a feud, even after a brief reconciliation sometime in 2016.