Anirban Bhattacharya, the star of ‘Mukhosh’, was unimpressed by the inaccurate Bengali spoken in Kartik Aaryan‘s ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2,’ despite its enormous box office success.

After earning more than Rs 200 crore at foreign box offices, the horror-comedy is currently making headlines.

Kartik is getting compliments from viewers for his entertaining portrayal in the Anees Bazmee movie, but the actor recently received advice on how to pronounce a Bengali term that was mispronounced.

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Correcting Karthik Aryan, Anirban Bhattacharya wrote- “Hello friend @TheAaryanKartik Congratulations on your new car/Chinese food table. Just remember ‘tomorrow’ is not ‘kol’ or ‘call’ in bangla. It’s ‘kaal’ / কাল/ काल।”  

Karthik Aaryan fans were not happy with Anirbhan Bhattacharya’s criticism. 

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In response to Anirbhan’s tweet, one user wrote-  “Thats not Kartik’s fault, the screenplay writer to be blamed for lack of research.”

While another said-  “Tag the director as well. Diction coach should have been assigned. No point just blaming Karthik Aryan.”

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A particularly dissapointed user wrote – “Dear Anirban da! I have never imagined you will say this kind of stuff to a non Bengali actor, who was not even the writer or the director of the movie! He was totally dependable to his direct and do remember it was a comedy movie. In prakton Hindi language was spoken by Shabitri ma’am in a funny way, no one complaint even Kartik Aaryan saw the movie but didn’t tweet! You are an artist you know better than us about this business. So kindly take a joke like a joke, it’s not the first time will not happen for the last time. Thank you!”

Kartik Aaryan is currently enjoying the success of his latest film, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2,’ which is performing well at the box office. 

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The 31-year-old actor, who recently recovered from COVID-19, says he hasn’t been able to celebrate the film’s success because of his diagnosis.  “I haven’t got time yet (to celebrate). It is not sinking in yet as every day some new record is set. I am just feeling a lot of gratitude towards all the people who have showered their love to the film.”

Kartik’s place among the country‘s most commercially successful superstars has been strengthened by the film’s phenomenal success. His upcoming films include ‘Shehzada,’ ‘Freddy,’ ‘Captain India,’ and ‘Satyanaran Ki Katha.’