KBC 14: Which of these personalities has been awarded a Kirti Chakra for their work in combating terrorism?


Kiran Bedi

Ajit Doval

Vijay Salaskar

KPS Gill

Answer: Ajit Doval

KBC 14: Which of these countries has Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi not yet visited after coming to ……?

KBC 14: Which person, who has coached the Indian men’s cricket team, was Shane Warne’s first wicket in Tests?

KBC 14: If it is the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ for the USA, and the ‘Independence Award’ for …….?

KBC 14: During the Kurukshetra war, who among these killed Shakuni?

KBC 14: Which of these describes the light emitted by a camera phone before photograph is clicked?

KBC 14: Which state got only its second railway station in Shokhuvi in 2022, after a gap of more than a …..?

KBC 14: Who comes next in this sequence with respect to the 100m race at the Olympics?

KBC 14: What type of house gets its name because it was the style adopted by European settlers for their …..?

KBC 14: Who among these fought at the First Battle of Panipat?

KBC 14: In a standard deck of playing cards, which of these English letters does not represent a face card?

KBC 14: Which of these names also refers to the feature of an AC that determines in which direction air …..?

KBC 14: The name of which Indian state appears in the name of the film this song is from?

KBC 14: The word ‘champi’ is commonly used in Hindi to signify which of these activities?

KBC 14: The grandfather of which of these writers went to the West Indies from India as an indentured ….?

KBC 14: ‘Eight Degree Channel’ is the historical name for the water body that separates India from which ….?

KBC 14: A type of what disease does Cervavac, India’s first indigenously developed vaccine for that …..?

KBC 14: ‘Brent’ is a benchmark index used in the trading of which of these?

KBC 14: In Hindu mythology, who among these was the husband of Shachi?

KBC 14: In which language was ‘Chello Show’ India’s official entry for the 2023 Oscars, shot?

KBC 14: Which state government has awarded authors with the ‘Bankim Puraskar’ for literary excellence?

KBC 14: Shivashahi, Shivneri, and Yashwanti are names of which of these?

KBC 14: Arrabiata and Alfredo are sauces used in the preparation of which food item?

KBC 14: The number obtained on dividing 4 by 2 is the same as which of these values of 4?

KBC 14: In which of these would you usually find classes such as economy, business, and first?

KBC 14: Which of these would you usually not spray primarily to spread fragnance?