KBC 14: Which of these positions was held by the person seen on the cover, who is also the author of this book?


Vice President of India

President of India

Chief Justice of India

Prime Minister of India

Answer: Vice President of India

KBC 14: Who is the longest serving Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, with a tenure of more than 7 years?

KBC 14: On 1 July 2022, in which state did India’s largest solar power plant become fully operational?

KBC 14: The Justice Khosla Commission and the Justice Mukherjee Commission were set up to investigate which..?

KBC 14: ‘Ace Against Odds’ is the autobiography of which celebrated Indian sportsperson?

KBC 14: Which is the only Indian state that shares a border with Sikkim?

KBC 14: The solid form of which of these gases is commonly known as ‘dry ice’?

KBC 14: Which sport is central to the plot of the Hindi films ‘Chak De! India’, and ‘Gold’?

KBC 14: The name of which of these elements would you associate with the act of removing wrinkles from your..?

KBC 14: Identify the man seen in this image?

KBC 14: What do two blue ticks below a WhatsApp mesage indicate?

KBC 14: Which of these modes of transport usually have ‘express’ or ‘mail’ in the names given to them?

KBC 14: Which food item is mentioned in the Hindi phrase ‘___ ka pahad banana’, which means to exagerate ….?

KBC 14: In June 2004, CERN, the world’s leading particle physics laboratory, unveiled a statue featuring what?

KBC 14: Which of these was discontinued by the Gandhi-Irwin Pact?

KBC 14: According to the Mahabharata, who among these was born with a sword in his hand?

KBC 14: Which of these sportspersons uses the equipment shown in the image professionaly?

KBC 14: Which of these words is not found in the Indian national anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’?

KBC 14: Which of these is not a type of computer hardware?

KBC 14: In which of the following movies does the lead actor not play a double role?

KBC 14: Which city would you have to be in, to visit these tourist attractions?

KBC 14: Which of these actions does not share its name with a cricket shot?

KBC 14: Enabling which of these allows you to read dialogues on screen?

KBC 14: Which of these prefixes refers to the potato filing for a dose, as well as a variety of tea?