KBC Offline Quiz: Bile is produced by which organ of the human body? 





Answer: Liver

Liver is the organ of the human body in which bile is produced. 

The liver is an organ that is located under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It is the size of a size of a football.

The liver is a wedge-shaped, reddish-brown organ with two unequally sized and formed lobes. A typical human liver weighs about 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) and measures about 15 cm in width (6 in). There is a wide difference in size amongst people, with the norm for men being 970-1,860 g (2.14-4.10 lb)and the norm for women being 600-1,770 g. (1.32–3.90 lb).  

The liver is crucial for both food digestion and detoxifying your body of harmful toxins.

Liver disease may run in families (genetic). Viruses, alcohol use, and obesity are just a few examples of the many variables that can harm the liver and result in liver disorders.

Cirrhosis, which can cause liver failure and be fatal, is a disorder that develops over time as a result of liver damage conditions. But early intervention can offer the liver some breathing room.

The liver is a significant organ that is only present in vertebrates and is responsible for several vital biological processes, including the body’s detoxification as well as the production of the proteins and biochemicals required for growth and digesting. 

Bile, an alkaline fluid with cholesterol and bile acids produced by the liver, an auxiliary digestive organ, aids in the breakdown of fat. The bile produced by the liver is initially stored in the gallbladder, a little pouch that lies directly under the liver. It is then sent to the small intestine to finish digestion. A large number of high-volume biochemical events, including the production and breakdown of tiny and complex molecules, many of which are required for regular vital functions, are regulated by the highly specialized tissue of the liver, which is mostly composed of hepatocytes. 

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