KBC Offline Quiz: What is the full form of ITI in the context of telecommunications?

Indian Training Institute

Institute of Technology of India

Indian Telephone Industry

Industrial Technology Institute

Answer: Indian Telephone Industry

A central public sector enterprise in India is ITI Limited, formerly known as Indian Telephone Industries Limited. The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India, is the owner. A variety of switching, transmission, access, and subscriber premises equipment is produced at its six manufacturing facilities, which are located in Bengaluru, Naini, Mankapur, Raebareli, Palakkad, and Srinagar. The company was established in 1948 as a departmental factory and was incorporated as a public company in 1950. [10] Its main office is in Bengaluru. It has numerous mechanical and electronic assembly facilities, nationwide marketing and customer support offices, internal R&D for technology absorption, and indigenous product creation for in-house manufacture. At its facilities in Mankapur and Raebareli, it manufactures GSM mobile equipment. 

More than nine million lines are provided annually by these two facilities to both domestic and international markets. Data handling, smart card assembly and customization, and electronic manufacturing facilities for PCBs, HDPE pipe, smart energy meters, micro PCs, etc. are all handled by the Palakkad unit as part of the Smart City Mission. Additionally, it manufactures information and communication technology (ICT) equipment such secure communications networks and tools for the defense, network management systems, and networking for internet connectivity. At the beginning of October 2022, the company employed more than 2000 people.  Defense and ITI Limited inked a contract on January 10th, 2020 to carry out the Rs. 7796 Crore ASCON Phase-IV project.

The socioeconomic development of India has been aided by telecommunication, which has also significantly contributed to some reduction in the digital divide between rural and urban areas. With the introduction of e-government in India, it has also aided in raising the level of governance transparency. The government of India has pragmatistically delivered widespread education programs for the country’s rural residents using modern telecommunications infrastructure.

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