With the premiere of the Burden of Truth’s fourth and final season on Friday, Kristin Kreuk in an interview with TV Line said that things for her character Joanna Hanley will come around a complete circle. But she hopes that they can break the cycle as the final season approaches its end.

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Kreuk shared, “I’ve always thought that our show is about intergenerational trauma and for our characters, Billy and Joanna, having a child means that we look at passing trauma down to the next generation, and how parents can face certain things.”

She added, “Obviously, everybody’s different, but for the two of them [it’s about] learning how to confront that trauma, which is kind of reflected in Joanna facing this case from her past so that they don’t pass things on to their kid.”

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Kreuk teased a little about Anwen O’Driscoll’s character Taylor. She said, “With Taylor’s storyline, there’s some amazing closure. She’s chosen to go back to Millwood, which she never thought she would do. She’s had to give up her dreams because of her father and his choices, and she’s had to recraft an entire life.”

She further added, “Towards the end of the season, she gets to have this incredible moment of closure that’s really satisfying. Taylor’s storyline is quite beautiful this year.”

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While talking about her co-star Star Slade’s character Luna, Kreuk said, “That storyline is really lovely to see how she decides to move forward to help people in her life.”

The legal drama’s fourth instalment was slated to release in August 2021, but The CW changed its mind and has started airing the show on July 30, 2021. The show will air every Friday, unlike the previous season which aired every Thursday.