Lana Del Rey was escorted off stage by security at Glastonbury Festival due to her set being cut off after showing up late.

The 38-year-old singer left festivalgoers impatiently waiting for her entrance because she was scheduled to perform on the Other Stage at 10.30 p.m. but didn’t arrive until close to 11pm.

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She began her performance with a bang but didn’t hesitate to apologize for being late, oddly claiming that it was because her hair took so long to do that she even brought a hairdresser on stage to complete the appearance.

The midnight curfew prevented Lana from finishing her act as scheduled since she stopped performing in the middle of it and had her microphone switched off.

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Since music can’t be played on any major stages at Glastonbury after midnight, Lana’s show continued for more than 15 minutes after it was supposed to conclude at 11.45 p.m.

After being interrupted, Lana started waving and talking to the crowds without a microphone. Her fans quickly realized what she was asking as they immediately began chanting her famous song Video Games.

The celebrity had undoubtedly saved her most well-liked song for last, and when she was finally unable to sing any longer, she got the audience to sing the hit for her.

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Lana apologized to her fans by leaving the stage and approaching festival goers in the front row. She took the time to talk to them and sign autographs.

Initially, Lana had her shiny brown tresses pulled back into a voluminous updo and secured with a silver hairpiece before she took the stage.

But once her hairdresser arrived on stage equipped with combs and hairbrushes, she had the lower part of her hair falling across her shoulders.