The trailer of the upcoming action film ‘Mahaan’ released on Thursday.

The film, directed by Karthik Subbaraj, features actors Vikram and Dhruv in lead roles. Originally a Tamil film, ‘Mahaan’ will also be available in Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu languages. The Kannada version of the film is titled ‘Maha Purusha’.

The filmmaker took to his Instagram handle to share the trailer. The two-minute-long trailer starts off with a math teacher in a classroom setting. The trailer gives a glimpse into the film, portraying how the teacher falls from grace and turns to crime and wealth.

‘Mahaan’ will premiere on February 10 on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

Several viewers feel that the premise of the film bears an uncanny resemblance to the popular American drama show, ‘Breaking Bad’. In the show, Walter White, the protagonist, uses his knowledge of chemistry to cook meth and sell it for financial profits. White feels that his expertise in Chemistry is undervalued by many, and so, he takes the crime route to gain wealth and power. 

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Similarly, the Tamil film shows Gandhi Mahaan, the protagonist, being disrespected by his students and his family. After a long period of emotional dissatisfaction and nagging, the teacher becomes a crime lord of a liquor business in Tamil Nadu. The plot further deepens with the protagonist’s conflict with his righteous son. 

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According to The Indian Express, the synopsis of the film states, “Mahaan is the story of a man who strays away from his family in search of personal freedom and wealth. However, as he realizes his ambitions, he also misses the presence of his son in his life. Having fulfilled his dream of becoming a billionaire, does life give him a second chance to be a father?”

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Actor Dhruv, who essays the role of Gandhi Mahaan’s son, has said, “Mahaan is very special to me as this is the first time I am getting to share screen space with my father and that too in a role portraying his son. He is a very talented man with an excellent understanding of the craft and I have so much to learn from him. Working under Karthik Subbaraj Sir’s direction was a superb experience and he guided me through the film, helping me understand the nuances and intensity of my character in depth. It really brought out the best in me and I hope the audience enjoys my performance and the film,” according to reports.