National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29 every year in the United States. The motive behind dedicating a day to our feline companions is to shed light on the fact that there are many cats who are in need of shelter. 

The internet is full of cat videos and memes. This National Cat Day, here are 7 funniest memes that might help you channel your inner kitty mood. 

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1. Introverts can relate to this: The pressure of putting your entire personality into a few words, or even forgetting for a split second who you actually are, since you are not really a single entity but constitute a multitude of emotions, and have multiple layers, like an onion maybe? The cat’s face perfectly summarises our emotions at the moment.

2. Who likes to study sitting on chairs and a table? It’s not comfortable, especially on a winter night. Let us accept it, we all have been tempted to snuggle in that cozy warm blanket even though we have a major exam the very next day. So, we just give up, pick up our books, and head toward the bed. As soon as we get into the blanket, oops, we slowly just fall asleep, only to wake up the next day to regret our choices. 

3. Cats have been portrayed as self-centered and disloyal and have suffered due to the ‘anti-feline agenda’. Cats are not selfish or useless! And they don’t really need to prove it to humans. But in this photo, the cat proves just that, and in a pretty humorous way!

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4. Humans do love imitating animals, some impersonations are really to the point while others, let’s just say are not really good. Cat owners love impersonating their cats in a playful way, but those felines might not be very happy with the butchered meows. 

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5.  Let us collectively admit, we all pretend to throw imaginative toys at our pets because we just want to play with them without having to go through the process of getting up and picking the actual toy. We are lazy! But our cats do not like being fooled. 

6. You see a cat taking a selfie with two dogs sitting behind her. The reaction is priceless. 

7. This little cat can be successfully introduced as a new villain in Bond films. It is all dressed up in suit, while pretending to be grumpy, but cannot really shed its cuteness.