Noah Schnapp, known for his role as Will Byers in Stranger Things, is facing renewed criticism from fans after being seen laughing in a video where his friends displayed offensive stickers amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The 19-year-old actor had previously received backlash for liking a video that mocked Muslim people and offended the queer community, and his latest actions have once again stirred controversy.

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In the video, Schnapp can be seen smiling while filming his friends displaying stickers with phrases such as ‘Zionism is sexy’ and ‘Hamas is ISIS.’ This footage quickly went viral, prompting strong reactions on social media. Fans expressed their disappointment and anger, with some calling Schnapp a disgrace and labeling his behavior as disgusting. The ‘Zionism is sexy’ sticker, in particular, drew criticism, with people questioning Schnapp’s understanding of the complexities surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Many were disturbed by Schnapp’s apparent insensitivity, accusing him of making light of a serious geopolitical issue. Some pointed out the stark contrast between the consequences faced by individuals who support Palestine publicly and Schnapp’s perceived impunity in returning to his career on Stranger Things.

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Critics emphasized the severity of the conflict, highlighting the loss of lives and the suffering of those affected, contrasting it with Schnapp’s actions they deemed disrespectful. The incident has reignited discussions about the responsibility of public figures, particularly those with large platforms, to be mindful of the potential impact of their actions and statements.

As opinions on the Israel-Hamas conflict vary widely, discussions on this topic often elicit strong emotions and differing perspectives. The controversy surrounding Noah Schnapp underscores the challenges that celebrities face in navigating complex political issues while maintaining public support and avoiding unintended consequences.