Offset dropped a bombshell of facts on Wednesday when he revealed that he was not related to either Quavo or Takeoff in an interview. This was a shocking reveal as fans of the Migos Rap group believed all 3 members were related.

In an interview with Variety, Offset confirmed Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle but contrary to what the fans believed, Offset was not Quavo’s cousin.

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Nevertheless, Offset did share a strong bond with Quavo and Takeoff. Offset was a classmate of Quavo’s and the two began hanging out with Takeoff when Offset was in the sixth grade. They all grew up in Georgia. They all eventually became thick as thieves and ultimately formed Migos.

Of Takeoff’s death, he admitted, “It’s hard for me to talk about sh*t right now. I’ve never talked about this stuff. Seriously. Talking about Take is hard, man.”

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“That’s why I don’t, to be honest. That sh*t hurts. Like, it’s gonna put me in a mood, and I don’t want to get in that mood,” he explained. 

“Some things I don’t never tell nobody. He’s not here. That sh*t feels fake, bro,’ he said. ‘I get through my day thinking it’s fake. And I don’t say nothing to nobody about it.”

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Offset has had a difficult time adjusting to the loss of TakeOff following the horrific shooting in November, but he has found creative ways to honor his late companion. Previously, he and the Migos bandmate shared sneak peeks of unreleased music on social media, and he even showed off the enormous picture tattoo he got on his back as a tribute to Take.

The 31-year-old rapper from Ghostface Killers also spoke to the publication on the influence strong women, such as his mother, who raised him without his father, have had on his life. He described Cardi B, his wife, as his ‘bestie’. He said, “She always got my back, right or wrong. We both are on the same mission to make each other better.”