Oscar-winning sound designer Resul
Pookutty caused a social media uproar after he called SS Rajamouli’s box office
hit ‘RRR’ a “gay love tale.” He even said that Alia Bhatt was a mere prop
in the movie. His tweet has stirred up some controversy and netizens have lost
their cool and have been slamming the Oscar winner, sound designer, sound
editor, and audio mixer for his remarks. 

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Resul had
replied to one of the tweets by the actor-writer Munish Bharadwaj, who called ‘RRR’ a garbage movie. His tweet said, “Saw 30 minutes of garbage called RRR
last night.” To which Resul responded, he wrote, “Gay love story,”
and “@aliaa08 is a prop in that film.”

The tweet took the internet by storm and Bahubali
producer, Shobu Yarlagadda, slammed him for his remarks. He called his tweet
extremely disappointing and, in a tweet, he wrote, “I don’t think
@RRRMovie is a gay love story as you say, but even if it was, is “gay love
story” a bad thing?” How can you justify using this. Extremely disappointed that someone of your
accomplishments can stoop so low! “

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Shobu’s tweet
was shared by Resul, who urged him not to go personal because he hadn’t
intended to hurt anyone. In response to Shobu’s posting, he said, “Agree
totally. Absolutely nothing wrong even if it was.
I merely quoted2 my frnd,d
banter that already exists in public domain ¬hing else. There is no stooping factor in
this. U don’t have2 take
it seriously Shobu,I
didn’t mean any offense2 any stake holders. I rest my case here.”

This is not the first time someone has perceived the movie to be a
gay love story. It’s not just Resul Pookutty who believes this. Initially, the
western public also thought the movie was a gay love tale.

RRR is making waves globally as it just made history by earning a
nomination for Best Picture at the Hollywood Critics Association midseason
awards. By defeating Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick and Robert Pattinson’s The
Batman, the movie has also won first runner-up.