At the Grammy Awards last night, Sam Smith and Kim Petras performed their popular song Unholy. Smith appeared in the performance wearing a crimson devil horned outfit while Petras danced in a cage surrounded by flames and demon dancers.

Smith, 30, was criticized on Sunday by a number of Twitter users for their “satanic” performance at the awards presentation, which was followed by an advertisement for Pfizer and further incited indignation. Both the singers and the dancers who backed them up were dressed as blood-red devils for the performance.

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Smith can be seen crouched in the middle of a group of dancers that resemble the Grudge at the start of their performance. The non-binary singer wore leather leggings, red high-heeled boots, and a red blouse with a red collar. Later, they added a cane to their outfit and a top hat with horns.

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Following the duo’s show, Pfizer ran a sponsored ad that garnered media attention after the CDC revealed it was looking into whether or not its COVID-19 vaccine for those over 65 raised the risk of stroke. Take a look at this tweet:

Reactions on Twitter: 

Here are some of the mixed reactions that people had on Twitter about the whole incident:

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Another Twitter user criticized the medical company’s sponsoring of the awards presentation.

“Sam Smith has a SATANIC Grammys performance & it’s sponsored by Pfizer,” slammed the user. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Later that evening, Petras and Smith shared the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammy award.