Grammys have just thrown an outstanding award ceremony on Sunday and the social media is going gaga over it. The Gone Girl actor, Ben Affleck have particularly come to the attention of public. With his “introvert” meme going viral on social media, Affleck has once again become common man’s favorite celebrity.

This is not the first time, Affleck has become popular in the meme world. However, the Grammys 2023 meme has struck a chord with introverts across the globe.

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Ben Affleck Grammy 2023 Meme

In the viral meme, Affleck was seen ‘miserable’ during the Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson musical tribute. As Stevie Wonder performed the tribute during the gala event, Jennifer Lopez was seen dancing and clapping amicably. However, husband Affleck shared an interesting expressing resonating with introverts during a social event.

The social media pages flooded with reactions and replies. People gave their own twists to the meme and shared it widely. Jeff Dwoskin’s twitter handle posted the meme with the caption, “Ben Affleck is every guy at his wife’s work party”.

Some users took a different angle and pulled the actor’s leg for not knowing what to do when music is playing. Another tweet commented that Ben Affleck would be anywhere but at the Grammy’s. Another interesting angle was put in by Matt Leinart comparing Affleck to an 8-year-old kid who has been dragged to a wedding.

The most interesting reply came from Tank Sinatra who said, “I am just glad Stevie Wonder couldn’t see how miserable Ben Affleck looked”.

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As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time Affleck hit the meme world. He first became a known meme back in 2016. It all started with an interview with then-co-star Henry Cavil and his defeated face made the news. In 2020, Affleck’s face once again became a popular meme. This time he was photographed while struggling to carry his Dunkin’ Donuts order.