Four massive earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria early Monday morning. The aftermath of the disaster shook the entire world as the death toll went beyond 2300. Governments and organizations across the world are seeking public support to help those affected in the two countries.

Here is a list of organizations you can reach out to if you want to help the earthquake victims:

List of Organizations aiding emergency efforts

1. The International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation 

The IBC has been assisting local authorities during rescue operations. They have published a public notice appealing to help provide for the “urgent needs”. The list of urgent needs includes tents, heaters, blankets, thermal clothes, ready-to-eat food, basic first aid kits, etc.

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The young and dynamic NGO, IBC, is known for its work in the Middle East. It has been established in cooperation with United Nations World Food Programme(UNWFP). They have also worked during the two devastating earthquakes in Kocaeli and Düzcein in 1999.

2. Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations

Established in 2012, the UOSSM worked primarily in the war-affected areas of Syria. They have provided independent and impartial relief to victims of war in Syria.

The UOSSM has offered help to the earthquake victims by providing medical care in their hospitals. They have released a public statement expressing their state of concern about their overwhelmed medical facilities. We can donate to the UOSSM organizations on their official website.

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3. Doctors without borders

Doctors Without Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF) is an international organization that provides medicare care to victims of natural disasters such as the Kahramanmaras earthquake. They are presently treating patients on the ground and donating emergency medical kits. Donate now on their official website. 

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4. Syrian American Medical Society

SAMS is a global medical relief organization. They are working on the front lines during this crisis while providing urgent medical care to the victims. Donate to SAMS on their official website.