Renowned American Singer Selena Gomez was recently spotted at Beyonce’s Renaissance concert in Paris on Friday. 

A video of the incident from the concert went viral, where Gomez while crossing the main stage area noticed arguing with security after a guard pushed a fan who was trying to meet Selena. As the singer saw the reaction of the guard, she was seen upset at the security guard’s act.

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The video of the incident surfaced on the internet, and users also seemed divided as all tried to guess the circumstance, which depicted Gomez’s side while others differ.

One user reacting to the video said, “Where is the evidence or confirmation of this??? There is none. Just you fan making up crap to cover Selena”.

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“Hii @selenagomez your fellow body guard recently pushed your friend raquel he’s so mean so please replace me as your SG3 lead announcement promoter cuz why not????”, another user said.

However, there’s no evidence of this from what we can see, but it’s plausible: she was getting close to the front row crowd as she made her way to her VIP area… and even high-fiving several people along the way. Perhaps someone got a little too close to the barricade when the incident happened.

One user wrote, “I mean she was getting mobbed and security were shoving people violently let’s stop policing everything Selena Gomez doing”.

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As some haters are criticizing Selena for this act, claiming she overreacted to a tactic used in her best interests, while others are praising her. But, once again, no one seems to know what this was all about; it’s all speculation.

Yet there is still no information about the video or the real reason for it. Though, it is not wrong to say that well-known singers do not shy away to have public confrontations. There are several instances of verbal arguments between reputed personalities and security or fans.